Java Record Replay Protocol Recording Tips

This section gives tips and important information to consider when recording a Java Record Replay Vuser Script.

  • The Java Record Replay protocol can only record 32-bit applications. When you specify an application, make sure to specify the 32-bit version.
  • You can also specify a batch (.bat) file as the application to record.
  • When you load an applet or application from VuGen during recording, it may take several seconds longer than if you were to load it independent of VuGen.
  • Make sure that you have properly installed a JDK version on the machine running the Vusers—JRE alone is insufficient.
  • Verify that the classpath and path environment variables are set according to the JDK installation instructions. Before you replay a Vuser script, verify that your environment is configured properly for the JDK and relevant Java classes. For details on how to set the Java Environment settings, see Java > VM Recording Options and Java > Classpath Recording Options.
  • Ensure your code is thread-safe if you intend to run the Java Vuser script as a thread.
  • Make sure you fill in the correct information in the Start Recording dialog box.

    Note: The executable's jar file must be unzipped.

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