Automatic Correlation Configuration

By default, all correlation methods are enabled for all LoadRunner users. It is possible to change the correlation settings in the Recording Options dialog.

Automatic correlations are enabled by checking the Correlation Scan checkbox under the General > Code Generation node, as shown in the following screenshot:

LR Recording options.png

To define preferred settings, go to the Correlations --> Configuration node, as shown here:

LR Recording options 2.png

Correlation rules can be found under the Correlations --> Rules node. The rules are organized in logical groups (“applications”) that represent testing environments like ASP.NET or Citrix.

Correlation rules define where to search and where to replace the dynamic value, extraction method (boundary, regular expression or other) and provide meaningful parameter names to be used in the script for correlations, as shown in the next screenshot:

LR Recording options 3.png

Correlation rules can be modified and expanded with new rules. You can test correlation rules before applying them with the Token Substitution Testpad.

You can also exchange and share rules using the Export/Import functionality:

token substituion textpad.png

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