Add New Load Generator/Load Generator Information Dialog Box

The Add New Load Generator dialog box enables you to add a new local load generator to the scenario. The Load Generator Information dialog box enables you to view and edit information about the selected load generator.

To access
Controller toolbar > .
  • Add New Load Generator dialog box: Click Add.

  • Load Generator Information dialog box: Select a load generator and click Details.

Important information
After adding a load generator, it appears in the Load Generators list with a Down status.
Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

(Add New Load Generator dialog box only)
More/Less. Shows/hides the tabs where you configure the load generator's details. For details, see below.
Enable load generator to take part in the scenario
When selected, enables the load generator to participate in the scenario.
When cleared, the load generator is disabled, and therefore does not participate in the scenario. This is useful in the following cases:
  • If a load generator is unavailable for a particular scenario run, you can exclude it temporarily instead of removing it entirely from the list of load generators that are available for the scenario.

  • You can disable load generators to isolate a specific machine to test its performance.

The name of the load generator.
The platform on which the load generator is installed, either Windows or Linux.
Temporary directory
The location, on the load generator, where the Controller can store temporary files.
Default: If left empty, during a scenario run LoadRunner stores the temporary files on the load generator in a temporary folder specified by the load generator's TEMP or TMP environment variables.

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