Editing Main Chart Dialog Box (Display Options Dialog Box)

This dialog box enables you to configure the look and feel of your graph as well as its title and the format of the data.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Chart tab

Enables you to configure the look and feel of your entire graph. You set Chart preferences using the following tabs: For details, see Chart Tab (Editing MainChart Dialog Box).

Series tab

Enables you to control the appearance of the individual points plotted in the graph. You set Series preferences using the following tabs. For details, see Series Tab (Editing MainChart Dialog Box).

Export tab

Enables you to store the current graph to an image file in the format of your choice—BMP, JPG, or EMF. You can also export the graph's data to HTML, Excel, or XML

Print tab

Enables you to print only the graph itself without the legend and other data such as the User Notes.

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