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Example: ctrx_key Keyboard Functions

Emulates a non-alphanumeric key press on a Citrix client sent to a Citrix server.

int ctrx_key( char *key, long int key_modifier, [filename,] CTRX_LAST );
key The name of the non-alphanumeric key, such as "END_KEY". See the Key Codes for a list of the available keys.
key_modifier Key Modifier Values that were pressed together with key.
filename The name of the bitmap file containing a screen shot of the window. This file is located in the script directory under data/bitmap/.
CTRX_LAST A marker that indicates the end of the argument list.

ctrx_key emulates a user pressing a non-alphanumeric key on a Citrix client.

Return Values

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Parameterization is available for all arguments of this function.