Example: ctrx_set_waiting_time

In the following example, a ctrx_set_waiting_time has been inserted before launching the Web browser, because the default waiting time of 60 seconds wasn't long enough for the browser to appear. Note that the value of 180 also changes the waiting time of all other Synchronization Functions.

Actions () {

     /* set_waiting_time for all sync functions. Used here for ctrx_set_window */

     ctrx_connect_server("ludens", "test", "test", "ludens");

     /* Launch the web browser by clicking on the desktop IE icon */
     ctrx_mouse_double_click(34, 325, LEFT_BUTTON, 0, NULL);

     /* ctrx_set_window now has a 2 minute waiting time instead of 1 */
               "Mercury Interactive Corporation at mercuryinteractive.com");

     /* Exit the web browser by clicking on top left Exit check box */
     ctrx_mouse_click(573, 61, LEFT_BUTTON, 0,
               "Mercury Interactive Corporation at mercuryinteractive.com");


     return 0;