Example: ctrx_set_window_ex

In the following example, after connecting to the Citrix server ludens, ctrx_set_window_ex waits for the window of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (with a timeout of 75 seconds). Internet Explorer's home page is the Mercury Interactive site, so the string "Mercury Interactive Corporation at mercuryinteractive.com" appears in the header frame of the window. When the window appears, the code then continues with the next statement, ctrx_mouse_click.

Actions () {

     ctrx_connect_server("ludens", "test", "test", "ludens");

     /* Launch the web browser by clicking on desktop IE icon */
     ctrx_mouse_double_click(34, 325, LEFT_BUTTON, 0, NULL);
               "Mercury Interactive Corporation at merc*", 75);

     /* Exit the web browser by clicking on top left Exit check box */
     ctrx_mouse_click(573, 61, LEFT_BUTTON, 0,
               "Mercury Interactive Corporation at mercuryinteractive.com");
              "Mercury Interactive Corporation at mercuryinteractive.com");


     return 0;