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Emulates a key press in a remote session .

C Language

void pcoip_key( const char* key, long int key_modifier );

Example Teradici PCoIP Protocol


Name Comments
key A character key or the name of a special key. See below: Special Keys.
key_modifier A key pressed together with the character or special key. Modifiers can be combined, for example, MODIF_SHIFT|MODIF_CONTROL. See below: Key Modifier Values


pcoip_key emulates a key press in a remote session.

Return Values

No value returned.


Standard parameterization is not available for this function.


These are examples of the use of pcoip_key.

	pcoip_key("NUM_LOCK_KEY", 0);

	pcoip_key("h", MODIF_SHIFT); // Capital H