Download from HPLN Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to download content files from HPLN.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • From the main VuGen toolbar, click .
  • On the main VuGen menu, select Tools > HPLN
Important information
  • If you are not logged on to HPLN, you will be directed to the HP Live Network Connection dialog box.

  • If you are already logged on to HPLN, the Download from HPLN Dialog box appears.

    Note: When you access HPLN for the first time in a session, the feature may take several minutes to populate the Download from HPLN window.

  • The Close button, closes the dialog box, and completes the downloading of content currently selected for download.
  • You can only use one HPLN session at any time on a server. If you have more than one VuGen open, you cannot access HPLN from both sessions simultaneously.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element

Refresh Content. Repopulates the HPLN list of content available for download.

Open Content Folder. Opens the folder where the content was downloaded to.

Note: Because the filename is not displayed on screen, you can use this option to see the name of the downloaded content file.

Upload Content to HPLN. Directs you to the HPLN upload site. You can share content with other LoadRunner users by uploading content to this location.

Note: You require content contributor permissions to upload content to HPLN.These can be provided by the community owner.

Pauses all pending downloads.
Cancels all pending downloads.
<HPLN Content>

Lists the content types that you can download.

The content types are: Actions/Functions, Correlation Rules, and DFE files.

<Search> Enter a string of text, and the displayed list of content automatically updates to reflect the search text entered. All the text entered when the asset is created on HPLN is included in the text search.
<Asset Action/Status>

The following actions/statuses can be displayed for a content item:

  • Download. Click to download a content file. Once the content has been successfully downloaded, the Re-Download button appears.

    The number of content files being downloaded is displayed on the bottom of the Download from HP Live Network window.

    If you to download several content files simultaneously, the first is downloaded and the other content files are put in a state of Pending. When the first download is complete, the downloading of the next content file begins.

  • Re-Download. Click to re-download a content file.

  • Paused. Displayed when the download of a content file is paused by clicking the Pause button. Click Download to re-initiate the download of the content file.

<Progress Bar> Displays the progress of the download. If you download several content files, the number of downloads will be displayed in the format "Downloading item x of y from HPLN".
Closes the dialog, but completes in the background the downloading of selected content.
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