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Enables you to set the script generation preferences by setting the scripting language and options.

To access
Record > Recording Options > General > Script
Important information

This node is available for specific protocols only. In addition, the list of options differs between protocols.

For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see the Protocol Compatibility Table.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Scripting Language

Select the language in which to generate the Vuser script, C or JavaScript. The default is C.

Note: This option is available for Web - HTTP/HTML Vuser scripts only.

Add a comment for each action
Insert informative logging messages before each message invocation (non-C only).
Default value: enabled.
Close all AUT processes when recording stops
Automatically closes all of the AUT's (Application Under Test) processes when VuGen stops recording.
Default value: disabled.
Correlate arrays
Tracks and correlates arrays of all data types, such as string, structures, numbers, and so on.
Default value: enabled.
Correlate large numbers
Correlates long data types such as integers, long integers, 64-bit characters, float, and double.
Default value: disabled.
Correlate simple strings
Correlates simple, non-array strings and phrases.
Default value: disabled.
Correlate small numbers
Correlates short data types such as bytes, characters, and short integers.
Default value: disabled.
Correlate structures
Tracks and correlates complex structures.
Default value: enabled.
Declare primitives as locals
Declares primitive value variables as local variables rather than class variables (C, C#, and .NET only).
Default value: enabled.
Explicit variant declaration
Declares variant types explicitly in order to handle ByRef variants (Visual Basic for Applications only).
Default value: enabled.
Generate fixed think time after end transaction
Adds a fixed think time, in seconds, after the end of each transaction. When you enable this option, you can specify a value for the think time.
Default value: disabled, 3 seconds when enabled.
Generate recorded events log
Generates a log of all events that took place during recording.
Default value: disabled.
Generate think time greater than threshold
Uses a threshold value for think time. If the recorded think time is less than the threshold, VuGen does not generate a think time statement. You also specify the threshold value. The default values is 3—if the think time is less than 3 seconds, VuGen does not generate think time statements. If you disable this option, VuGen will not generate any think times.
Default value: enabled, 3 seconds.
Insert output parameters values
Inserts output parameter values after each call (C, C#, and .NET only).
Default value: disabled.
Insert post-invocation info
Insert informative logging messages after each message invocation (non-C only).
Default value: enabled.
Maximum number of lines in action file
Create a new file if the number of lines in the action exceeds the specified threshold. The default threshold is 60000 lines (C, C#, and .NET only).
Default value: disabled.
Replace long strings with parameter
Save strings exceeding the maximum length to a parameter. This option has an initial maximum length of 100 characters. The parameters and the complete strings are stored in the lr_strings.h file in the script's folder in the following format:
const char <paramName_uniqueID> ="string".
This option allows you to have a more readable script. It does not effect the performance of the script.
Default value: enabled.
Reuse variables for primitive return values
Reuse the same variables for primitives received from method calls. This overrides the Declare primitives as locals setting.
Default value: enabled.
Track processes created as COM local servers
Track the activity of the recorded application if one of its sub-processes was created as a COM local server (C and COM only).
Default value: enabled.
Use full type names
Use the full type name when declaring a new variable (C# and .NET only).
Default value: disabled.
Use helpers for arrays
Use helper functions to extract components in variant arrays (Java and VB Scripting only).
Default value: disabled.
Use helpers for objects
Use helper functions to extract object references from variants when passed as function arguments (Java and VB Scripting only).
Default value: disabled.
Use protected application recording

Use this option if VuGen is unable to record your application. Your application may block access to VuGen, and recording with this option selected may enable access.
Default value: disabled.

Warn me if the application being recorded encounters an error

Selecting this option enables VuGen to prompt you to cancel the recording if the recorded application crashes or if no events are recorded for 3 minutes. If you choose to cancel the recording, no script is generated. In proxy mode, if the recorded application crashes, there is no error message. Instead, a no-events error is displayed after 3 minutes.

Default value: enabled.

Note: This option is available for Web - HTTP/HTML Vuser scripts only.

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