Troubleshooting and Limitations for Non-English Languages

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations when working with non-English languages.

Script / Scenario Names Browser Configuration

If, during recording, non-English characters in the script are displayed as escaped hexadecimal numbers (For example, the string "�=;" becomes "%DC%26"), you can correct this by configuring your browser not to send URLs in UTF-8 encoding. In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options and click the Advanced tab. Clear the Always Send URLs as a UTF-8 option in the Browsing section.
For more information, use the web_sjis_to_euc_param function described in the .

Jenkins Reports

After running a LoadRunner job in Jenkins, the links to several reports, such as the Performance Report and Transaction Summary, may not be translated. Defect 99428

Protocol Limitations

SMTP: If you work with the SMTP protocol through MS Outlook or Outlook Express, the Japanese text recorded in a Vuser script is not displayed correctly. However, the script records and replays correctly.

ContentCheck in Multilingual Environments Language Packs Non-Localized Installations on Foreign Language Operating Systems