Silverlight - Troubleshooting and Limitations

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for the Silverlight protocol.

Tip: For general VuGen troubleshooting and limitations, see Troubleshooting and Limitations for VuGen.

  • While recording a site developed in Silverlight, the Install Silverlight step is recorded even though recording process did not include installing the Silverlight plug-in.


    Configure the runtime settings to exclude the following address:

    1. Select the runtime settings > Internet Protocol > Download Filters Node.

    2. Select the Exclude addresses in list radio button.

    3. Click Add and add to the list.

    Note: The ?LinkId=108181 portion of the URL address may not be static over time and may need to be updated.

  • REST services do not generate Silverlight service calls. However they can be recorded and replayed.
  • You cannot edit the WSDL location in the Protocol and Security Scenario dialog box.
  • The Update button in the Silverlight Service node of the Recording Options dialog box updates the service if the WSDL location has not changed.
  • If the WSDL location has changed, the service is re-imported (delete service and import service).
  • Duplex (Polling) Binding for WCF Web Services is not supported.
  • Silverlight 4 and 5 clients are supported, however applications developed using the new communication features such as net.tcp binding are not supported.
  • The VuGen snapshot viewer does not support Silverlight controls.
  • The Silverlight Protocol does not support applications which use Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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