Correlation Functions - Database Vuser Scripts

When working with Database Vuser scripts, (such as ODBC, Oracle 2-Tier) you can use VuGen's automated correlation feature to insert the appropriate functions into your script. The correlating functions are:

  • lrd_save_col saves a query result appearing in a grid, to a parameter. This function is placed before fetching the data. It assigns the value retrieved by the subsequent lrd_fetch to the specified parameter.
    (lrd_ora8_save_col for Oracle 8 and higher)

  • lrd_save_value saves the current value of a placeholder descriptor to a parameter. It is used with database functions that set output placeholders (such as certain stored procedures under Oracle).

  • lrd_save_ret_param saves a stored procedure's return value to a parameter.

Note: VuGen does not apply correlation if the saved value is invalid or NULL (no rows returned).

For more information about these functions and their arguments, see the Function Reference.