Using the HP Web Tours Sample Application

This tutorial uses HP Web Tours, a sample Web-based travel agency system, to demonstrate how LoadRunner is used as a solution for load testing. HP Web Tours users connect to a Web server, search for flights, book flights, and check flight itineraries.

While LoadRunner supports many different protocols, this tutorial demonstrates how to load test a Web-based application.

In this section of the tutorial, you will learn how to start and work with HP Web Tours.


  1. Ensure that LoadRunner is installed in the default folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner. If LoadRunner is installed in a non-default folder, the HP Web Tours application will not open.
  2. Ensure that you have Internet Explorer version 10 or higher.
  3. HP Web Tours requires Java version 7 update 65 or Java 8 in order to function properly. You can check your version from the Control Panel or from If necessary, upgrade to version 8.
  4. Add localhost to the Exception Site List.

    1. On the LoadRunner machine, open the computer's Control Panel.
    2. Search for Java, and double-click Java (32-bit) or Java 64-bit. The Java Control Panel opens.
    3. Click the Security tab and click Edit Site List. Click Add and enter http://localhost:1080. Click Continue to approve the address. Approve any warnings.
  5. Start the sample Web server.

    • On the LoadRunner machine, select Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP LoadRunner > Samples > Web > Start HP Web Tours Server.
    • On icon-based desktops, such as Windows 8, search for "Start HP" and select Start HP Web Tours Server from the results.

    A command line window opens indicating that the server is running. Keep this window open while you access the HP Web Tours application.

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Try Out HP Web Tours

In this section, you will test the HP Web Tours application in Internet Explorer before your record it within VuGen. This will help you understand the application and approve any warnings issued by the browser.

  1. Open the Web Tours site.

    On the LoadRunner machine, select Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP LoadRunner > Samples > Web > HP Web Tours Application. In icon-based desktops, such as Windows 8, search for "HP Web" and select HP Web Tours Application from the results. A browser opens and displays the HP Web Tours home page.

    If you are prompted by your browser or by Java to approve the application, do so.

  2. Log on to HP Web Tours.
    1. Type in the following information:

      - User name: jojo

      - Password: bean

    1. On the left pane, click Login. HP Web Tours welcomes you to the application.

  3. Reserve a flight.
    1. In the left pane click Flights. The Find Flight page opens.

    2. Change the Arrival city to Los Angeles.
    3. Click Continue.
    4. In the Find Flight page, accept the default flight selection and click Continue.

    5. In the Payment Details page, fill in some of the fields and click Continue. The Invoice page is displayed, summarizing your flight reservation.

  4. End your HP Web Tours session.

    On the left pane, click Sign Off to log off.

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