How to Install a New License

For information about LoadRunner licenses, see License Utility.

To install a new LoadRunner license:

  1. On the LoadRunner machine, select Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP LoadRunner > License > LoadRunner License Utility.

  2. In the LoadRunner License Utility, click Install New Licenses. The LoadRunner License Utility - New License dialog box opens.

    To install using a license file

    1. Click the Browse button to the right of License File, and locate the license file that was sent to you by HP.
    2. Click View License File Content to display details of the licenses that are included in the license file.
    3. In the list of licenses included in the license file, select the licenses to install.

    To install using a license key

    1. Click Install a license using a license key.
    2. Enter the license key that you received from HP.
  3. Click Install. The selected licenses are installed.
  4. Click Close. In the License Summary table, make sure that the new licenses appear in the list of installed licenses.

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