Select a Measurement Page

This wizard page enables you to select a measurement for your goal.

Important information
  • General information about this wizard is available here: Service Level Agreement Wizard.

  • There are two modes for the Service Level Agreement wizard. The wizard pages that follow depend on the measurement that you select on this page. See the wizard maps below.

Wizard map - Goal measured per time interval
Wizard map - Goal measured over whole scenario run
See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
SLA status determined over the whole run
Evaluates a single SLA status for the whole scenario run. Select one of the following measurements:
  • Total Hits per run

  • Average Hits (hits/second) per run

  • Total Throughput (bytes) per run

  • Average Throughput (bytes/second) per run

SLA status determined per time intervals over a timeline
Evaluates SLA statuses at set time intervals within the run. Select one of the following measurements:
  • Average Transaction Response Time

  • Errors per Second

The time intervals at which the SLA statuses are evaluated are known as the tracking period. For details, seeTracking Period.