What's New in LoadRunner 12.53


  • Git integration in VuGen
  • 64-bit replay support in various Java protocols and C Vuser protocol
  • New PCoIP (remote access) protocol
  • Enhanced SAPUI5 recording in TruClient
  • HTTP Video Streaming (HTML5, HLS) support
  • HTTP/2 support
  • REST step-builder editor in VuGen
  • JSON manipulation APIs
  • Web - HTTP/HTML and Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML protocol unification
  • Linux load generator improvements
  • Enhancements to Java-based protocols
  • Added in 12.53 Patch 2: Support for NV Insights



For more details about the supported integrations for LoadRunner, see the Integration Support Matrices.

For details about the supported versions, see the Product Availability Matrix, available from the Software Support site.

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What's New in LoadRunner 12.50

LoadRunner 12.53 includes the enhancements added to LoadRunner 12.50, as described below.

  • JavaScript as a new scripting language for the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol, empowering scripting capabilities.

  • Improvements in LoadRunner integration with HP Network Virtualization:
    • Network Virtualization Analytics report provides advanced network performance breakdown, including optimization suggestions.

    • Network Virtualization emulation provides support for additional protocols.

  • TruClient record and replay is now supported in Chromium, enabling cross-browser capabilities such as the ability to record in one browser and replay in another.

  • LoadRunner Help Center is accessible both locally and online.

For details about these highlights, see the sections below and their associated links.

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