Introducing VuGen

When testing or monitoring an environment, you need to emulate the true behavior of users on your system. HPE testing tools emulate an environment in which users concurrently work on, or access your system. To perform this emulation, the human is replaced with a virtual user, or a Vuser. The actions that a Vuser performs are typically recorded in a Vuser script. The primary tool for creating Vuser scripts is Virtual User Generator, also known as VuGen.

You use VuGen to develop a Vuser script by recording a user performing typical business processes. The Vuser scripts let you emulate real-life situations.

This following sections describe how to create scripts through recording or manual development, and the various protocols supported by VuGen.

You use the scripts created with VuGen in conjunction with the HPE products described below.

HPE product Description


A performance testing tool that stresses your entire application to isolate and identify potential client, network, and server bottlenecks.

StormRunner Load

A cloud-based load testing solution that allows Agile development teams to create effective tests.

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Performance Center

Implements LoadRunner capabilities on an enterprise level.

Application Performance Management

Also known as APM (formerly Business Service Management).

Helps you optimize the management and availability of business applications and systems in production. VuGen is used in conjunction with the following APM components:

  • Business Process Monitor (BPM) software is a synthetic monitoring solution that simulates business transactions—whether or not real users are active. You use VuGen to create scripts for BPM, in order to reuse assets in testing and production environments.
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM) software monitors application performance and availability on business critical application services, for all users. You use VuGen to capture and replay user sessions, and to create test scripts that reflect real user behavior.


Enables you to monitor applications across traditional, mobile, virtualized, and cloud environments. You can use VuGen to record scripts for AppPulse across a range of protocols. The scripts are imported into AppPulse and are used for availability and performance monitoring by automatically reproducing the activity of the user.

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