Asynchronous Communication API

Note: Applies to Web - HTTP/HTML, Flex, and Web Services Vuser scripts.

The Function Reference includes several functions that enable Vuser scripts to emulate asynchronous communication. These asynchronous communication functions are:

For details on the asynchronous API functions, see the Function Reference.

The web_reg_async_attributes function should be called before the step that starts the asynchronous conversation. The web_reg_async_attributes function receives a number of arguments that define the asynchronous conversation. One of these arguments is the URL of the asynchronous conversation. As soon as the replay engine downloads this URL in the step that follows the web_reg_async_attributes function, the asynchronous conversation begins. The callbacks that are registered in the web_reg_async_attributes function enable the script developer to control some of the characteristics of the asynchronous conversation (for example, to change the URL). The asynchronous conversation continues until the web_stop_async step, or until the end of the iteration. In a push-type conversation, the server may close the connection and thereby end the conversation.

Note: Async functionality is not supported when you replay a Vuser script in WinINet mode.

For details on how the asynchronous functions differ from synchronous functions, see How Asynchronous Functions Differ from Synchronous Functions.

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