Editor Pane

The Editor enables you to edit scripts and other related script files. In addition, you can open a browser session to search sites, such as the LoadRunner Forum.

To access The editor is opened when VuGen is loaded.
Important information
  • The editor is automatically displayed as part of the default layout.
  • Press Ctrl +Tab to display a list of tabs and panes. Highlight and click to switch tabs in the editor.

  • Press Ctrl + G or select Search > Go to... to go to a specific line in the script.
  • Other interface panes such as Output, Error, and Snapshot views, synchronize their displays based on your location in the editor.
  • Double-click an asset in the Solution Explorer to open it in the editor.
  • You can drag any type of file into the editor and modify it. To save your changes, select File > Save File As.
  • Script modifications are displayed as highlighted text in the editor. The following are examples:
    • Script has been modified but not saved.

    • Script has been modified and saved.

    • Breakpoint has been inserted.

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