Database > Advanced Recording Options Dialog Box

Enables you set the advanced recording options for database protocols.

To access
Record > Recording Options > Database > Database > Advanced
Important information
This node is available only for specific protocols. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol Compatibility Table.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Code generation buffer size
Specify in kilobytes the maximum size of the code generation buffer.
Default value: 128 kilobytes.
CtLib Function (supported for replay only)
You can instruct VuGen to generate a send data time stamp or an extended result set statement.
  • Generate send data time stamp. Generates lrd_send_data statements with the TotalLen and Log keywords for the mpszReqSpec parameter. The Advanced Recording Options dialog box lets you instruct VuGen to also generate the TimeStamp keyword. If you change this setting on an existing script, you must regenerate the Vuser script by choosing Record > Regenerate Script. It is not recommended to generate the Timestamp keyword by default. The timestamp generated during recording is different than that generated during replay and script execution will fail. You should use this option only after a failed attempt in running a script, where an lrd_result_set following an lrd_send_data fails. The generated timestamp can be correlated with a timestamp generated by an earlier lrd_send_data.

  • Generate extended result set statement. Generates an lrd_result_set function when preparing the result set. This setting instructs VuGen to generate the extended form of the lrd_result_set function, lrd_result_set_ext. In addition to preparing a result set, this function also issues a return code and type from ct_results.

Recording engine
You can instruct VuGen to record scripts with the older LRD recording engine for compatibility with previous versions of VuGen.

Note: This option is available only for single-protocol scripts.

Recording log options
You can set the detail level for the trace and ASCII log files. The available levels for the trace file are Off, Error Trace, Brief Trace, or Full Trace. The error trace only logs error messages. The Brief Trace logs errors and lists the functions generated during recording. The Full Trace logs all messages, notifications, and warnings.
You can also instruct VuGen to generate ASCII type logs of the recording session. The available levels are Off, Brief detail, and Full detail. The Brief detail logs all of the functions, and the Full detail logs all of the generated functions and messages in ASCII code.

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