HPE Live Network (HPLN) Integration

HPE Live Network (HPLN) provides you with additional software content and information about your HPE Software products. The VuGen HPLN Integration feature enables you to download and upload content that can then be shared by other VuGen users.

Note: HPLN Integration is not supported in VuGen running under Windows 10.

You can download and upload the following content types to and from HPLN:

  • Action/Function files with .c, .java, .js, and .cs extensions.

    Note: For security reasons, .js files must be zipped before uploading to HPLN, and unzipped after downloading from HPLN.

  • Correlation files with the .cor extension

  • Data Format Extension (DFE) files with the .vucsx extension

  • VuGen add-in files with a .zip extension


For more information on how to use HPLN, use the following table:

How to ... UI Descriptions