Troubleshooting and Limitations for RDP

This section describes troubleshooting information for RDP scripts using the Agent for Microsoft Terminal Server.

Tip: For general VuGen troubleshooting and limitations, see Troubleshooting and Limitations for VuGen.

  • Clipboard sharing supports only short simple textual content.
  • When recording with RDP Agent, applications which were developed using CBuilder may not record properly.
  • RDP does not support 32-bit color depth. If recording uses this color depth, VuGen automatically switches to a lower color depth and a "[RDP Analyzer Warning (790: 418)] 32-bit color depth is not supported, switch to lower one". warning log item appears in the Recording Window.
  • For Windows 8, we recommend using the Windows key to switch between the Desktop and Startup screen. This reduces the number of generated mouse calls and simplifies debugging.
  • When working on a 64-bit Windows 8.1 machine, you must manually install VcDist_x32 for Visual Studio 2012 before installing the RDP agent.