How to Use the Terminal Services Manager

This task describes how to set up and use LoadRunner's Terminal Services Manager.

  1. Prerequisite

    Make sure that a load generator has been installed on the terminal services machine. For more information, see the LoadRunner Installation Guide.

  2. Allow terminal services on the load generator

    Add TSLauncher.exe to the list of allowed remote applications on all load generator machines.

  3. Set up the LoadRunner agent on the load generator

    Perform the following steps:

    1. On the LoadRunner machine, select Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP LoadRunner > Advanced Settings > Agent Configuration, or run <LR>\launch_service\bin\AgentConfig.exe to open the Agent Configuration dialog box.

    2. Select Enable Terminal Services, and click OK.

    3. Restart the LoadRunner Agent as a process by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop, or from Start > All Programs > HP LoadRunner > Advanced Settings > LoadRunner Agent Process. You need to run the LoadRunner Agent as a process for each terminal session that you are running.

  4. Launch a terminal client session

    Be aware of the following:

    • You must open a Terminal Client session for each terminal that you want to run Vusers on during the scenario.

    • If you are connecting to an existing Terminal Services session, you need to open a Terminal Client session, log in to the session, and run the LoadRunner Agent as a process.

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  5. Distribute Vusers on the terminal server

    In the Terminal Services tab of the Load Generator Information dialog box, select Enable Terminal Services Manager and enter information about the terminals and Vusers that you want to use. For more information, see Load Generator Configuration > Terminal Services Tab.

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