Control Vusers During a Scenario Run - Use-Case Scenario

This use-case scenario describes how to override defined schedules and manually control the behavior, addition, and stopping of Vusers during a scenario run.

Note: For a task related to this scenario, see How to Run a Scenario.

David Smith is a load tester at NewSoft Company, currently using LoadRunner to test a new product in preparation for its upcoming release.

His load test contains three Vuser groups, Script_A, Script_B, and Script_C. Each group has been assigned ten Vusers and been given the same schedule definitions, that is, to start two Vusers every ten seconds, and to stop two Vusers every ten seconds.

If David were to leave these schedules as defined, the start and stop actions in the scenario groups pane would look as follows:



The following table shows the options available to David should he wish to override these defined schedules and manually manipulate the way the Vusers start or stop:

Note: All the following use-case scenario options refer back to the scenario explained above.

Control Vusers Option
Use-Case Scenario
Manipulate an entire Vuser group.
Example: Run or stop all the Vusers in a group simultaneously.
Run/Stop individual Vusers, or add new Vusers.
Example 1: Run/Stop a single Vuser currently in the down/run state.
Example 2: (Vuser Group mode) Add a specified number of Vusers to a group without initializing or running them.
Initialize/Run/Stop any number of Vusers within a group.

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