Script Directory

To locate the Vuser script:

By default, Vuser scripts are stored in the <LoadRunner installation>/scripts directory.

To find a script from VuGen, perform a file save as (File > Save As), and look in the Save in drop-down menu to find the location of the script directory.

To find a script from the Controller, open the Group Information dialog box (highlight the group name and click Details, More, and select the Files tab). The path of the script directory is listed in the Files used by script pane.

Inaccessible Vuser script files

A LoadRunner scenario will fail if the Vuser script is inaccessible to one or more of the participating machines. Make sure that the Vuser script is accessible to all load generators participating in the scenario through path translation and permissions. View or run the Vuser script as a stand-alone on each of the participating load generators.